Fuck yeah! Provence!
My holidays in Cotignac :) Missing it so much…
Cotignac :)
Happy New Year’s! (von Lee Animal)

Provence by Jeremy Lescur

Who painted PROVENCE also painted its perfume

n°2/14. Deco salle a manger blanche noel. Joséphine est aussi une styliste …

My Year In Review: MARSEILLE 
After the hectic nonstop running around Rome my friend and I went to Marseille to relax. I heard before I went that it was a gross and dirty city and it was even compared to Detroit. When I got there all the negative things I heard were thrown out the window because they were all lies.
We wandered around to different beaches and churches around the city. We happened to be there on Bastille Day ( like France’s 4 of July) and watched fireworks on the beach. I had THE BEST pizza ever in Marseille which surprised me that the pizza I had in Italy didn’t even compare.
The only thing that ruined the visit was on our last night a girl in our room found a bedbug on the bed above her. As soon as I heard that I was quick to leave and try to find somewhere to burn my worldly possessions.
croquis: Saint-Tropez - France (von guymoll)
"The Eye" of Marseille (von polbar)